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- Assorted Signs
- AT&T / Western Electric Style Lower Housing Parts
- AT&T / Western Electric Style Upper Housing Parts
- Batteries/Surge Protectors
- Coinless Phones - Prison Phone - Public Phone
- Dial Assembly
- Directory Binders
- GTE/Quadrum-Style Parts (Lower Housing)
- GTE/Quadrum-Style Parts (Upper Housing)
- Handsets
- Line Sharing Devices
- Payphone Housings - New
- Payphone Housings - Refurbed
- Payphone Locks
- Pedestal & Enclosures
- Protel Complete Payphones
- Regulated / LEC Paystations and Parts
- Repair Prices
- Retrofit Kits, Chargers and Accessories
- Single Line Equipment
- Smartboards
- Universal Parts and Security
- Upgrade Kits


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In today's ever-changing telecommunications market, TULLC has continued to give 100% commitment to the public payphone marketplace. This has allowed TULLC to be the leader in manufacturing, distribution, resale, repair and refurbishment of public telecommunications equipment. Complete customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

TULLC carries top quality payphone and payphone related products along with prison phones, coinless phones, business phones, single line equipment and air/water and vac units. We are constantly improving and adding to our product line to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. All products sold by TULLC include technical support for the product, insuring our customers' success.

We would like to take this opportunity to share our product line and invite you to join our family of satisfied customers. We are your "One Stop" facility for equipment, repairs and technical support. Should you require products not listed in our catalog, please give us a call and we will be happy to quote on it.

Our Sales Representatives can be reached at:
Cheryl Barker ...................1-866-528-5352
Randy Pakos ....................1-800-735-6597
Jerry Sherman ..................1-877-528-5352
Pat Soltis ........................1-800-735-6597
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